British Blues Awards 2014 HofnerRotosound



Electric Guitars

Hofner Verythin Single Cut: P-90 pickups, Bigsby tremolo
Used for retro styles – Rock n Roll, Surf, 60s etc
Hofner Verythin Evolution: Hofner Diamond pickups, Bigsby tremolo
Used for Blues/Rock n Roll
Hofner Colorama Custom: refinished with nitro cellulose lacquer, 2 x Hofner P-90 pickups
Used for slide in alternate tunings, or for Rock
Hofner CS10: 1 x mini-humbucker (neck), 1 x Hofner P-90 (bridge) pickups
Strung with Rotosound 12-52 for slide
Hofner Gold Label Chancellor: Hofner Diamond pickups
Used for Jazz, Rockabilly, authentic Rock n Roll
Gibson Firebird 70s Tribute: Klein pickups
Used for Rock/Blues
Fender Custom Shop 1962 Telecaster
Used for Country/Blues/Rhythm
Fender 1989 Eric Clapton Stratocaster: Lace Holy Grail pickups
Used for Rock/Blues/Pop

Acoustics Guitars

Martin 000-28: Fishman pickup system
Tanglewood Sundance: B-Band pickup system
Hofner HCT-RG-SB resonator (spider bridge)
Used for slide in open tunings for Country/Bluegrass – raised nut optional for lap steel/dobro style
Republic Duolian Style resonator (biscuit bridge)
Used for slide in open tunings for Blues


Dr Z Maz 18 (18w)
Dr Z Remedy (40w/20w)
Dr Z 1×12 cabinet w/ Celestion Vintage 30
Orange PPC112 1×12 cabinet w/ Celestion Vintage 30<

Electric Effects

PedalTrain Pro pedalboard
Voodoo Labs Pedal Power Mondo (power)
Mooer Tuner
Ernie Ball Crybaby: wah
Analogman Sun Face: fuzz
Aaron Coleman JR: overdrive
Lovepedal Believe: octave
Rawkwords Light OD: overdrive
Xotic RC Booster: clean boost
Durham Sex Drive: clean boost
Mooer Trelicopter: tremolo
Lovepedal Pickle: vibe
Mooer Ninety: phaser
Strymon Lex: leslie simulator
TC Electronics Flashback: delay
TC Electronics Hall of Fame : reverb

Acoustic Effects

T-Rex Fuel Tank Jr (power)
Ernie Ball volume pedal
TC Ditto: looper
Fishman Aura reverb


Planet Waves American Stage leads (10m)
George L’s patch leads for pedalboard