LaVendore Rogue

LaVendore Rogue (pronounced LAV, as in ‘toilet’, END, as in ‘not the beginning’, ORE, as in ‘iron’)

Nobody knows what LaVendore Rogue means, but what is clear is that LaVendore Rogue is one of the most exciting bands to emerge on the UK Roots scene for many years.

The band consists of three ex-Hokie Joint members; JoJo Burgess on vocals, three-time British Blues Award nominee, Hofner Guitars and Rotosound Strings endorsee Joel Fisk and British Blues Award winning drummer Stephen “Cupsey” Cutmore, as well as James Payze on bass and Warren Lynn on keyboards.

Having released their debut album, “Light Up With LaVendore Rogue’, In 2015, they have been causing quite a stir with international sales and airplay. From their initial inception, this brand new quintet of experienced, road-hardened musicians are ready to hit you with their fiery blend of in-your-face, bourbon-soaked, cross-genre Roots and Rock ‘n’ Roll.

The band have since released two live albums, “A Night In The North” and “From Tennessee To Teesside”, released on the back of their UK Blues Challenge victory in 2017. This saw the band take part in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN and the European Blues Challenge in Hell, Norway in 2018.

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