Joel has been teaching privately since 2009. He covers a range of styles and abilities .

  • If you’ve never picked up a guitar before, he can teach you the basics.
  • If you’re looking to break into the world of lead guitar then he will show you the way.
  • If you’ve been playing for a while and find yourself lacking direction, he will give you a helping hand.
  • If you’ve toyed with the idea of putting the guitar down for good, DON’T, contact Joel instead.

He stands by the fact that you don’t need to know too much theory to be a proficient guitarist. Just understanding why you’re playing what you’re playing.

As an accomplished performer of Blues, Rock n Roll, , Country, Rock, acoustic and slide, Joel can help you to further your playing of these styles.

So, regardless of your age and ability, if you’re looking for tuition, why not get in touch.

  • Single or group lessons available.
  • £30 per hour, £20 per half hour.
  • Personal lessons available in north Essex/south Suffolk.
  • Also available over Skype/Facetime
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