What’s Going On?

A year has passed since I wrote my note…actually it’s nearly three!

A lot has happened since the last time I took to this blog, so let me fill you in on what’s been happening in the world of Joel Fisk…

Let’s start with the biggest and best reason; my wife and I were fortunate enough to introduce to this strange old world a wonderful little boy, who, at the time of writing, is two and a bit, and keeping us both in shape!

Secondly, we returned home to our beloved Suffolk. Ever since we started dating, over 10 years ago, we’ve both dreamed of moving back to the place with both grew up, and at the end of 2021, the opportunity arose and we snapped it up. Nestled on the East Suffolk Coast, just 10 minutes from the beach, we truly are, living the dream.

I’ve finally stopped myself from turning on the news, too. In a world battling with a ever persistent pandemic (it finally got us in July ’22), a cost of living crisis, being on the brink of World War Three and goodness knows what else (don’t get me started on the government). I have, however, still managed to keep my hand in with the odd gig here and there.

At 36 years I ask myself whether this is a significant age for musicians…Eric Clapton quit drinking (for the first time), Mark Knopfler was responsible for one of the biggest albums of the 80s and Keith Richards got divorced…at the time of writing, I’m thoroughly enjoying my first stint at “Dry January”, I’ve just recorded a cover of “Money For Nothing” (see below) and delighted to report I’m still happily married! Let’s just call it a transitional period; some of my musical outfits have been placed into hibernation, some may even be brought back from what you may consider “the dead”, and others have found a new lease of life. One thing is for certain – I will ensure nothing but fun is had when I take to the stage! In such a strange time we find ourselves in, music has that wonderful ability to let us forget about whatever is going on around us, and, excuse me sounding like a hippy, we lose ourselves in the music…man.

Anyway, enough of this drivel…keep your eyes on the gig page for all up and coming shows. Things seem to be booked at a lot shorter notice post-pandemic, so keep hitting that refresh button and maybe our paths will cross in the not-too-distant future!

In the mean time, I’ve still got plenty of albums for sale, both physical copies and digital downloads, all of which you are welcome to! visit my online store to see what’s available.

Look after yourselves.

See you soon!

The aforementioned cover of “Money For Nothing”

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