Since we last spoke….

First of all, I must apologise for the length of time since my last update, but fear not, this bumper news item should make up for that.

I’ll start with LaVendore Rogue – once again, we’ve had the pleasure of working with our favourite music video guru, Drew Cullingham. Drew was responsible for our previous two music videos, “The Way It Goes…Sometimes” with Hokie Joint, and “Gangsters, Thieves & Villains” from LaVendore Rogue’s debut EP.

He was back with us last month to film the official music video for the opening track of our new album, “Light Up With LaVendore Rogue”, which goes by the name of “Dead Man’s Chest”.

The video speaks for itself, but on a personal note, standing at the highest (yet responsible) point of the ship and playing a guitar solo with the wind blowing through my perm/afro/bird’s nest. Turns out, I’m not keen on heights.

Anyway, here it is – “Dead Man’s Chest” from “Light Up With LaVendore Rogue”; available here:

In other LaVendore Rogue news, we’re thrilled to announce that our European bookings will now be taken care of by Bepop Agency, so we’re very much looking forward to hitting the continent again and perhaps picking up where we left off with Hokie Joint all those years ago…

Secondly, Joel Fisk & The Breakdown finally hit the road in April/May, including one gig we recorded at one of our favourite clubs, Blues At The Farm, Barleylands, Essex (www.bluesatthefarm.co.uk)

Pete Crisp was the engineer for the recording, and mixing/producing/mastering was taken care of by yours truly.

We’re toying with releasing it as a limited edition album, but for now, here’s a little taster of one of the tracks, our version of The Rolling Stones’ version of The Temptations’ “Just My Imagination”. Phew.

We’d also like to say a big thank you to Elle Curran for filming three songs from the gig, which have been painstakingly sync’d up with the desk recording.

“2:19” (Tom Waits):

“Travelling Riverside Blues (Robert Johnson):

“Grinnin’ In Yo Face” (Son House):

The second two tracks are available on our album, “The Well”, which can be purchased here:

I’ll see you on the road sometime – lets not leave it so long this time.

Until then…

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